Tasa Foods has four state-of-the-art processing plants located in Chittoor. We have in house laboratory providing chemical, microbiological and analytical services.

Tasa Foods procures quality fruits from farms primarily located in Chittoor, Krishnagiri, Mysore, Bangalore, Hubli, Ratnagiri and Valsad.

At Tasa Foods, we always believe in having the best machines & latest technology that produces the best end products for our customers. Our machineries are procured internationally and locally. We have regular preventive maintenance procedures in place to make sure that there is absolute smooth flow in production and minimal down time. All machinery and equipment that we use are certified and managed by the best known experts in the industry.

The pack house is completely secured and we ensure that we use the best practices in hygiene, packaging and logistics, so the product reaches its destination as fresh as possible.

We are always on the lookout for new innovative production methods. We have labs where all samples are tested to ensure quality. Our expert team, along with advanced technology have set standards in the industry.

This is a truly unique facility where traditional methods handed down with a generous dose of wisdom, meets modern technology, to ensure the best ripening procedures.

Temperature, light, atmosphere and other factors are all carefully blended to produce the finest quality fruit pulp.

At Tasa Foods, we believe in following natural processes as much as possible, as its not only eco friendly, but fruits taste their best when this process is followed. Our facility totally holds about 3 acres of traditional fruit ripening area that is constantly monitored.

At Tasa Foods, we live up to deliver our commitment of:
  • High and consistent quality of products
  • Excellent service that promotes customer delight
  • Purity
  • Time adherence
  • Economical prices